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Deeper Squat

Mastering The Squat

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"There are plenty of programs out there offering variety. Unfortunately, few of them offer genuine results to match the various exercises they prescribe.  What impresses me most about Eric’s programming is that he manages to improve the quality of the body as a whole by using exercises that not only work but are also stimulating and enjoyable to do.

I improved my three rep max on the deadlift by 110 pounds in four months—425 to 535.  My close grip bench press went from  275 x 3 to 300 x 4 in the same period of time.  But this was not a narrow powerlifting specialization program.  While I was improving my lifts, I was also sprinting, jumping, improving my flexibility, losing body fat, lifting pain free for the first time in a decade and, most importantly, enjoying my training again.

I am happy to recommend Eric’s programs with only one caveat: don’t try them unless you’re looking for the best performance of your life."

Brad Josse
Nelson, New Zealand