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"Eric, you are the best!  I recently completed your Show and Go Program and am thrilled with my results. 

My bench has gone up by 50 pounds, my squat has increased by 80 pounds, and my deadlift has increased by 90 pounds – while dropping a ton of body fat! 

In addition to these strength gains, I have noticed marked improvements in my mobility and general athletic performance. 

I wholeheartedly recommend Show and Go to anyone looking for a bigger, leaner, stronger, and more efficient body!  You will not be disappointed."

Mike Mepham
Atlanta, Georgia

“I can't say enough to describe the positive experiences I had with the Show and Go Program. 

Obviously, I gained significant strength across the board and got leaner, which in itself is rewarding, but the amazing part to me is that I did so as a 40 year old female with an office job and not as a younger elite athlete with access to more training resources.  

And my progressions weren't solely strength an appearance oriented, as I also made improvements in my flexibility and range of motion in spite of having past issues in these areas. 

With the enhanced strength and flexibility, I'm now enjoying the best fitness, strength, and health I've had at any point in my life. And, it's incredibly empowering to be a strong woman and reach strength levels I never thought were possible for me. 

There is no question in my mind that I got more than a 16-week training manual from the Show and Go Program.  Rather, this program provided a road map for me to be able to continue to optimize my strength and overall health because I experienced the power of mixing of mobility exercises along with innovative strength gaining techniques.” 

Rebecca Wilson Fayetteville, Arkansas