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“Before starting the Show and Go program, I had spent 15 years lifting on a fairly regular basis but my progress had stalled a decade ago.  After starting Cressey's program I realized I had never in my life really warmed up properly until now.  The mobility drills are what really has made the difference for me.

 I added 100 pounds to my deadlift and more important than that, my shoulders aren't hurting me and my posture has dramatically improved.

Anyone who's been doing the three sets of eight routine for the last ten years without much progress should really try the Show and Go program.” 

Nick Chertock
San Francisco, CA

““Before starting Eric's program, I thought I worked hard at the gym. I was wrong. The Show and Go program took my intensity to another level. If you are ready to bust your ass, this program will more than payback your efforts.

After 16 weeks I gained nearly 16 pounds, improving all my major lifts along with my mobility and posture. My legs grew so fast I had to buy new work clothes. But the best thing I can say about Eric's program is that it left me wanting more. Despite some workouts feeling like a war of attrition, I always woke up the next day excited to get back in the gym, to put more weight on the bar, and hit more personal bests.

I strongly recommend this product to anyone looking to find better results in the gym.”  

Mike Moore
Philadelphia, PA