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First off, thanks SO much for placing your trust in me and upgrading to the deluxe Show and Go System. I know you’re going to absolutely love the time you save, the energy you experience and even more exciting….you’re going to LOVE the results!

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Your nutrition guide and bonus reports are included in a zip file and you can download the entire package at once by right-clicking the download links at the bottom of this page and choosing "Save As" to save the files in a designated folder.

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These e-books were designed to be downloaded once and saved on your hard drive, they were NOT designed for you to log onto the website every time you want to view them. The e-books are fully printable, and after you download and save them on your computer, I also recommend you make backup copies of your e-books by saving them on a CD.

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Thank you again for ordering. I look forward to hearing all about your success very soon!

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To download and save the e-book to your computer’s hard drive, "right click" the download button below and "save target as" if you have a PC and click and "save as" if you have a Mac.

IMPORTANT: be sure to carefully select the location or folder where you want to save your e-book so you can find it after you download Click below to download. * You may want to choose you "desktop" to make it easiest to find after the download is complete.




Download Help & Technical Support:

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and read the bonus reports and files and winzip to unzip the file packages. Both are usually installed on most computers from the factory. If you are in need of these resources, you can download them  for free by clicking below:

If you need personal assistance, simply contact me directly at