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  1. Avishay

    Great stuff, Vast knowledge. I am planning on a road trip and will see you soon. Always rad your articles. Great Job. Keep it up.

  2. Elisa

    Thank you so much for all your stuff you post. I really appreciate you sharing your wisdom and knowledge.

  3. I enjoy all you blogs. I always learn something new and am refreshed with new ideas for applying current knowledge. Please keep inspiering through education

  4. Joeg

    Great Job!!! I hope everyone understands how lucky they are to receive this valuable information for free. Keep up the great work.

  5. Jay

    As a person that just started training 10 months ago, this is incredibly helpful. Thank you!

  6. Fantastic stuff Eric. Keep up the GREAT work!

  7. Chris

    Lots of good information. I’m in Australia and there is not many people over here t
    That go into that much detail. I have been a personL trainer for 10 years now and week in week out I see personal trainers not willing to learn more because they think they know everything already. Love you stuff. Thanks

  8. I feel like a Cressey groupie. I cannot say enough about you. You’re a master. You inspire me to never rest on my “laurels” such as they are. I will always be learning and studying -thanks to guys like you. The people who hire me are the beneficiaries. Great job. Thank you.

  9. Alex

    Thanks alot, great info.
    I got a question about the relationship between strenght training and metabolic conditioning; what is your oppinion on workouts that try to incorporate it all in one workout?
    I understand how it could be problematic for an athlete with specific needs but for general fitness?

  10. Hi Eric,

    A great presentation! I really enjoy listerning to what you have to say on this subject!

  11. Eric,

    This was fantastic. I learned a lot. I’m a trainer who has just been transitioning (for the last year and a half) my business from private training to writing programs. My clientele is not nearly as advanced as your but I do employ some of the same things you recommend with them. Regarding my own training I have benefited greatly from what you alluded to which is always to be open and willing to learn and challenge yourself in new ways while always looking to improve overall athleticism.

    Thanks again,


  12. dan

    The timing of this video couldnt be more perfect for me. About six months ago I started feeling sharp pain in my shoulder. I couldnt do any overhead pressing. I sought out a physcial therapist who diagnosed me with biceps tendonitis. After months of physical therapy I begged him to let me get an MRI because I still felt the same. The MRI revealed a partial thickness tear in my rotator cuff along with bone spurs. I then was refered to an orthopeadic specialist who shot me up with a cortison shot and gave me some anti-inflamitory pills. Two weeks later I felt like a million bucks. I know that I need a specific program design so that this nightmare doenst happen again. I will definately be following your material.


  13. GREAT point about metabolic conditioning being volume WITHOUT full ROM … hence the reason we may need more STW/mobility when we increase metabolic conditioning.

    Nice work Eric!


  14. Eric,
    Great stuff here – I tell my patients this stuff all the time, and will definitely be sharing the concise, informative first video with them so they can see the data all in one place. Just this week I saw a 50-ish patient with hip pain. She had done a ton of walking in the woods on a recent vacation, up and down hills, uneven ground, etc. She came home with terrible hip pain. She went to the orthopedic surgeon and X-Rays showed “ARTHRITIS.” Physical therapy was recommended…..of course everyone freaks out when they are diagnosed with arthritis, so I had to convince her that she was symptom free prior to the vacation, and it is not likely that all of the arthritis appeared in the week she was on vacation! Once she calmed down she said, “Well, I guess that makes sense.”

    I love your comment that “We’re all just waiting to reach threshold.” That’s an awesome way to explain what I try to tell my patients.

    Keep generating great material!


  15. Thank you for that webinar. I had mini time bombs go off all through the session. I am also reading outliers right now and am fascinated by the thought of putting in 10000 hours into a single task (though there is more to it than that) I’m off to the gym to do some 85 % Rm work right now!

  16. mike

    100% on the mark really great stuff

  17. Eunice D. James

    Great approach. You keep it real!

  18. Steve

    Tremendous mini-seminar! There is so much information in this 30 minute lecture, I will have to rewatch 4 or 5 times to get all the takeaways. I especially like that you hit on repeating what is currently successful with regards to writing programs for clients. I know that I take the fundamentals from many or your programs as well as other pros out there whom I’ve purchased from and use those as the fundamentals for most of my clients’ programs. No need to recreate the wheel!

    Thanks again for this great resource – it’s stuff like this that makes the industry better!


    Most sensible approach I have seen covering this field

  20. Brett

    Thanks so much for taking the time to produce these Eric

  21. Nick

    Great stuff Eric! I throroughly enjoy all of the content you put out. When I see something from your newsletter in my inbox, it is the first to get opened. Thanks

  22. Scottie

    Thanks for this info. Great stuff!

  23. Fa

    thanks. lot of things to have a better program just for my self!!!!

  24. Eric. I really enjoyed the content in the webinar today. I think it should be mandatory for all trainers/coaches to listen to this as it is packed full of valuable information. So many trainers go for what looks flashy but do not stop to consider what effect it could potentially have on their clients. Thanks for setting the bar high for all fitness professionals.

  25. This was brilliant… everything you need to know in a nutshell. Thanks for spreading the word.

  26. Emmet Rushe

    Hey Eric,

    Great webinar, i’m always on the lookout for tip from great trainers and your blogs and links that I get sent are great. Having just qualified as a personal trainer, I am always looking to improve myself in order to help others with their goals.
    Thanks again. There are not many trainers out there who give a true account of what it takes.

  27. mike

    awesome, thanks for sharing so much information in a simple to understand way… God’s Blessings to you

  28. Thanks, everyone, for the kind words and detailed feedback!

    Alex – there is a place for “metabolic resistance training” – but it’s a slippery slope to use it all the time if you do have aspirations of gaining strength (too much volume at a lower percentage), staying healthy (lots of volume), and not getting burned out on one thing. That said, for many folks, it’s the most convenient option – and it can be a nice change of pace if you’ve been doing more traditional strength training and cardio.

    I personally prefer to use my strength training to get strong, and condition separately with light or no loads.

    Hope this helps!

  29. Maria

    “We’re all just waiting to reach threshold.” I guess the thing is to be prepared when you get there.
    I know someone whose son had *another* major shoulder injury followed by surgery. He is a lacrosse player in the Boston area. I gave him the Cressey Performance contact info. I hope he looks you up!
    Great stuff as always. Thanks!



  31. Brian

    Awesome information as a high school baseball coach I have worked with a lot of players, but I feel more comfortable now there ever before by following your information and using the Show & Go program. Keep feeding us more information you are touching a lot of people in a good way.

  32. Eric, great job as usual.

  33. Thanks, Maria, for the referral!

  34. JT

    Eric YOUR THE MAN! I’ve been following you for a couple years now and you never disappoint. I’d love it if you were to do a post on our blog! If you’re interested please let me know. The address is http://www.ironwarriortraining.,com Thanks in advance!

  35. This was an unbelievable breakdown of the fundamental steps needed to write proper strength and conditioning programs. great stuff!

  36. Scott Woolard

    This breakdown is terrific. I am a C.P.T. in Greenville, NC, and I have been lifting stagnate for three years. I have never been so pumped for the start of a training program until I found your stuff. You are a true blessing to the strength world.

  37. Danny borne

    I am a former pitcher who spent entirely too much time training for endurance running poles and doing light weight circuit training. Everything I studied lead me to training this way to make sure i could last for 7 innings. Also, I was completely working against my ectomorph body type. Looking back, I should have spend most of my time on building more strength and power. Thanks for the videos. Great stuff.

  38. Alex

    Thank you for your answer (and again for the awesome info)!

  39. Larry

    An excellent presentation. I took notes on it. Thank you very much for providing such high quality
    information that was enjoyable to listen to.

  40. Sebastian

    Thanks a lot Eric.
    Realy interesting tips, like bench pressing more over 85% of your max. I will incorporate it in my upcoming training period!

  41. Mike Kozul

    Thanks so much Eric! I am sending your information to the
    over 50 athletes and trainers, like myself…..contunued success, Mike Kozul

  42. chad austin mccurry

    Great information & scientific research! Thanks for sharing your advice.

  43. Warren

    Great stuff! Fantastic. The ideas are pragmatic and functional and to me that’s really, really fantastic. Thanks so much!

  44. anthony

    Your passion for your profession is clear. Keep up the awesome work.

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